What Are the Benefits of Less Toxic Nail Polish?

November 30, 2019



Beauty is often something that we find hard to maintain, especially with the rapid pace of modern life. Try as we may, we’ll often have at least one day of the month where we leave the house feeling and looking nowhere near our best. When that happens too often, though, it can begin to have an impact on your self-esteem. 

To avoid that, we recommend that you spend some time looking into the various beautification solutions that you could be using. For example, small things like getting your nails polished can be a great way to change how you look.

Yet many people are scared of going for a nail polish solution for two reasons:

1.    The worry that the beauty salon they choose might use a damaging, toxic nail polish.
2.    The irritation that you have to stay overly formal in appearance due to your job.

That’s why using things like soak off gel polish is so popular. You can look good at night and then make sure you can easily change back into your ‘formal’ mode to suit work arrangements. This is useful for ensuring that you don’t need to give up trying to look your spectacular best all the time.

The Benefits of Less Toxic Nail Polish

So, the first reason is easily the most important to consider. If you are looking for a way to make sure that your nails and skin can stay in their best condition, then cutting down and killing off the likelihood of toxicity is very important. You don’t want to see your skin irritated and annoyed with the use of a toxic nail polish, so it pays to invest some time and some money into getting a nail polish that isn’t toxic – or at least a less toxic nail polish


Why, though? Why does it matter?

•    Avoid long-term repercussions. There have been long been studies showing a link between the continuous use of nail polish chemical fumes with our bodies ability to reproduce. If you worry about this kind of side-effect, start using a non-toxic or less toxic nail polish service.

•    Avoid bodily damage. Other links to the chemical fumes let off by these nail polish solutions includes damage to your kidney and liver. If you are serious about caring for your body, then using a less toxic solution will help to cut this worry out of your system entirely.

•    Keep your skin in good condition. Another common example of the problem with toxic nail polish is that it can leave your skin looking cracked, worn, and damaged. It can also lead to problems like headaches and dizziness, so avoid using it if you can.

That’s why you should be looking to use less toxic nail polish. The above issue are both concerning in the immediate and the long-term. If you wish to make sure you use only best nail salon and beautification facilities in Singapore that avoid using toxic nail polish products as often as is possible, you can trust the Nails Good Company to keep your nails safe from the issues above in the long-term.


Why a Professional Appearance Shouldn’t Mean a lack of Personality

When you are looking for easy ways to change up how you look, using soak off gel polish is a good way to start. Our hands and nails say a lot about it, so adding a touch of personality and colour to them that suits you personally is often the way to go. As you no doubt know, though, many workplaces want you to keep things as muted and as professional as you can.

That’s why owning a soak off gel polish is so useful. These can be worn on personal time and can come off with relative ease. Instead of having to worry about a reprimand from HR for being ‘too informal’ thanks to bright and exciting nail polish, you can avoid such ridiculous punishment instead. Why should you have to conform and miss out on beautification due to work alone, though?

These non-permanent options give you many varieties to pick from, making sure that you can enjoy a far more beneficial and enjoyable nail polish experience. When you aren’t using nail polish, or you keep it very basic due to work, then it’s easy to forget about these important little touch-up tips that can change how we look so much.

It’s why we recommend that you don’t start avoiding using anything like skincare treatments or polishes to keep your nails looking great. Being a professional does not mean that you have to ignore personal development. While there is always a time and a place for glamour, with a soak off nail polish made from gel you can make sure that you can have your ‘professional’ nail polish options, and your ‘personal’ styles that will come off with ease. 

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